Client List

Digital library system client list(450)

Digital library system client list
Educational institution constructing digital library systems in 160 of universities, institutes.
Public instituteConstructing digital library systems of 200 public libraries.
Company & Institute Constructing digital library systems of 80 companies and institutes.

Learning management system client list

교육사업본부 고객사 현황
e-Learning System
  • Korea Association of Machinery Industry
  • Korea Railroad Corp.
  • Korea Polytechnics
  • Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
  • KYOBO Book Centre
  • POSCO Group University
  • Korea Southern Power Co., LTD.
  • National Institute for International Education
  • Korea Foundation for the Advancement Science & Creativity
  • Nepes
  • Global Cyber University
  • Seoul Digital University
  • Hanyang Cyber University
  • Cyber Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
  • Wonkwang Digital University
  • Youngnam Cyber University
  • Konyang University College Of Medicine
  • The Catholic University Of Korea
  • Ajou University School Of Medicine
  • University of Ulsan College of Medicine
  • Gachon university of medicine
  • Korea National Open University
  • KYUNG HEE University
  • Korea National University of Arts
Question Bank and On-line Test System
  • Human Resources Development Service of Korea
  • Korea Transportation Safety Authority
  • Road Traffic Authority
  • Korea Accreditation Board Of Nursing
  • Korea Forest Welfare Institute
  • Korea Energy Agency
  • Korea Communications Agency
  • Korean Hospital Association
  • Korean Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Korean Dental Association
  • Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development
  • Korea Life insurance Association
  • Korea Invention Promotion Association
  • Korea Financial Planning Standards Board
  • Korea financial Investment Association
  • The Cyber University Of Korea
  • Sejong Cyber University
  • Open Cyber University Of Korea
  • Busan Digital University
  • Yeungnam University
  • Seoul National University College Of Medicine
  • Konkuk University Medical Graduate School
  • KonYang University College Of Medicine
  • The Catholic University of Korea
  • University of Ulsan College of Medicine
  • Pusan National University School of Korean Medicine
  • Chosun University Medical College
  • Korea National Open University
  • Korea Polytechnic Colleges and many others
  • Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.
  • Korea International Cooperation Agency
  • Bangladesh Open University (e-Learning System)
  • ITC, Institute Technology of Cambodia (e-Learning System)
  • National University of Laos (e-Learning System)
  • Myanmar University of Technology (e-Learning System)
  • Vientnam Hanoi University of Science and Technology (e-Learning System)
  • Peru Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería ICT(Information & Communication Technology) e-Learning System
  • Peru Ministry of Foreign Affairs (e-Learning System)
  • Ecuador Guayaguil ICT Center (e-Learning System)
  • UWED, University of World Economy and Diplomacy (CBT System)
  • CBT System for Test of Proficiency in KOREAN (Cambodia, Laos, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Mongolia, East Timor, China, Srilanka, Myanmar , Bangladesh, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam)

Client list of Related to SI business

Client list of Related to SI business (40)
Human Resources Development Service of Korea
  • NCS(National Competency Standards) Based Question Bank System
  • Question Bank System construction for technical qualification examination
  • Question bank system construction for professional qualification examination
  • CBT system construction for technical qualification examination
  • CBT system construction for Test of Proficiency in KOREA
Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • CBT system construction for job basis skill evaluation
  • Question bank system construction for National English Ability Test
  • IBT System construction for National Qualification examination
  • Question bank system construction for Qualification examination
National Central Library
  • Digital Book Management System of the National Digital Library (NDL).
  • Constructing database business of the National knowledge informatization
  • Maintenance & Reinforcement of Integrated system such as 2009 KOLAS
  • Construction business of OASIS website
Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS)
  • RISS consignment operating business (2003~present)
  • Integrated catalogue system construction
  • Inter-library loan system construction
  • Knowledge generation & circulation system(dCollection) construction & management (2004~2008)
  • Construction & management of academic support statues management system (2008~2011)
  • Digital textbook infrastructure construction business, etc.
National Research Foundation of Korea
  • Integrated system construction of Academic research index
  • Expansion of Institute informatization system business
  • Construction of academic journal digital database business
National congress library
  • Construction of the Integrated resource management system (LIMS)
  • Construction of the Integrated digital library system
  • Construction of the 2009 integrated digital library
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
  • Construction of the collection and management system of the national research development outcome
  • Innovative business of national scientific technology information service
  • The government integrated research service management system (Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs)
  • Optimization of UCI system (National Information Society Agency)
  • Construction of the Integrated portal system (Korea Stock & Futures Exchange)
  • A Digital library system based on RFID (Korea Rural Institute)