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Integrated Education Solutions

  • NeoLMS
    • University/Corporation LMS
    • Consortium(Champ LMS)
    • Medical & Nursing College(Calendar)
    • Overseas Education Business(Moodle)
  • NeoTEST
    • Item Pool
    • License Approval System
    • IBT System
    • CBT System


A Study management solution with necessary functions and extension to construct professional e-learning system. NeoLMS selected by many customers supports all kinds of on/off-line education. Leaners can study through portal and class system. Also, an administrator can integrate to manage a portal and a class. Furthermore, NeoMS supports interlocked with API because it considered to develop with interlocking diverse outside systems.

NeoLMS의 프로세스 표 : 학습자는 다음의 서비스들을 이용할 수 있다. 1.On-Line Classroom(성적요소관리·PBL, 과제관리·토론관리, 평가관리·진도관리, 학습독려)은 Professor·Tutor 와 상호이용이 된다. 또한 NeoTEST IBT 서비스와 연계된다. 2.Portal (공지사항, 질의응답, 자료실)은 Administrator와 상호이용이 되고 콘텐츠관리, 회원관리, 과정관리, 수강관리, 성적관리, 수료관리, 통계를 할 수 있다. 3.Off-Line Classroom(출석관리·교재관리, 시설 및 강의실 관리)은 Lecture Manager와 상호 이용이 된다. 또한 스마트러닝 시스템과 연계된다.
JEUS, Apache, WebLogic A stable learning service for the system separation design & realization.
  • Even if service stop occurs when viewers by type (Administrator, Professor, learners) separate and design system, it is designed to manage normally.
  • Each system has individual URL, so it can access each system by login through built-in SSO.
교수자 → 학습자 e-PBL (Problem based learning)
  • Learners set individual goals for learning through discussion to solve the case given by professor. Also, it is a lecture for learners to solve problems by own roles.
  • Professor grades learner’s activity solving Case by team and group through classroom e-PBL function.
  • Able to set Tutors by a PBL case and give roles to learners to process the case.
  • Turn in assignments after sharing self-learning opinions based on activity area of online café to do group activity by case.
Branch System
  • NeoLMS On-Line

    NeoLMS On-Line is an optimized solution for purpose of online education in university, business and public office.

  • NeoLMS Mobile

    NeoLMS Mobile can use whenever and wherever because it is interlocked with online based LMS.


    NeoLMS CHAMP is a solution which can easily manage an online consortium education of the national human support development.

  • NeoLMS Smart

    NeoLMS SmartCHAMP is a solution which can do lecture on smart devices like a realistic class from outside.

  • NeoLMS Calendar

    NeoLMS Calender can share the academic schedule and knowledge between a professor and leaners whenever and wherever through web based calendar (U.I).


Offer all solutions for a bulk question bank and a qualifying examination. NeoTEST is a question bank management system qualified with the safety of the biggest national question management system. Also, it consistently upgrades to support the wider examination environment.

NeoTEST의 프로세스 표 : Administrator는 위원관리, 출제계획, 검토계획, 선정계획, 권한관리, 계획관리, 사용자관리, 문제은행관리 등을 Question Designer는 문항개발, 문항출제, 시험문제 선정, 문제은행 문항검토 등을 NeoTEST 관리자모드를 통하여 홈페이지(IBT, CBT, PBT)에서 할 수 있고 Learner는 Neo LMS에서 학습하고 Tester는 체점결과, 정오답률, 정답분포도, 통계를 홈페이지를 통해 알 수 있다.
그래프 이미지 Diverse questions making
  • Question making tool is to support image, modification, chart and figure. Also, it supports a basically used question method (multiple-choice, short-answer type, essay type, etc.), other group types and question types (A type, K type R type) of the National health personnel licensing examination board.
 User convenience enhancement
  • Offer U.I which is similar types of real question.
  • Support to put out of HWP format.
  • Offer question cards with using a Hangeul control-push board.
  • Able to form test papers and auto-questions extraction by diverse conditions (Classification code & Question-characteristics).
 Every management environment support
  • A question making function of NeoTEST supports every possible environment. It supports the Installation-type application and the web-based environment. At the same time, it can be also used at the IBT and CBT environment.
Branch System
  • IBT

    NeoTEST IBT guarantees to collect tests and answers, even if internet errors occur.

  • CBT

    NeoTEST CBT is proud of strongly preventing cheating in test rooms and a test room management.

  • PBT

    NeoTEST PBT supports tests for paper tests and qualifying examination of all kinds of licenses.

  • MBT

    NeoTEST MBT supports tests of mobile environment such as smartphones and table PCs.