The way we Invariably ran without shaking!

Dream about Flying to the higher dream.

This is Choo, Jeong-ho, president of Futurenuri.

First, Thanks for customers visiting our website.

Futurenuri, inc(Before: Futureinfornet) is a company which has become more professional and offered a better service for customers over 20 years of experience about a library automation system, a digital library and a knowledge information system.

Futurenuri believes that we can achieve our dream though the time gone by. the dream brought us to the new turning point. we are all working hard to develop a solution and construct a better system. we are doing the best on achieving better technology and making up for the weak points through experience, so we can match up to our customer’s expectation.

Futurenuri wishes you a luck and appreciates for all of your interests and supports to make better tomorrow than today.

Thank you.

President Choo, Jeong-Ho