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ILUS Integrated Library Utility to Supreme

ILUS is a next generation digital library solution based on web. Also, it is able to use at professional/public small libraries
whether librarians are professional or not and libraries are big or not.

  • Efficient work process

    • Able to set up a process through the library work process.
    • Reinforce security by setting/menu management of authority of each person in charge.
    • Increase the work efficiency connecting with Kolls-Net, KERIS.
    • Support an independent branch system as one system.
    • Able to set up a loan management policy separated with the central library policy.
  • Administrator convenient function

    • UI, a Menu bookmark and a simple catalogue input support are simple and easy.
    • Check the main contents on the top of Context menu.
    • Window setting for people in charge.
    • Offer convenient functions about reserved books, an inventory, rearrangement requests, etc.
  • Reinforc loan/return function

    • The user management to protect the personal information and a loan/return screen setting function.
    • Able to do loan/return works on a screen.
    • A branch loan management service.
    • Search tracking information of interlibrary loan material and process.

TULIP Triple U Library Information Portal

TULIP is a future-oriented high technology integrated digital library solution based on Rich Client advanced web based system. Also, TULIP follows the international standard perfectly, so it can apply to any of nations, languages and any kind of libraries.

  • Excellence of performance

    • Sixteen years of the library experience.
    • Accumulation of business analysis, development and operational support technology.
    • Plan the essential field business.
    • Reflect requested functions of 160s of universities and institutions.
    • Able to use diverse functions.
    • Support diverse and safe functions.
    • Integrate multi-libraries, support to connect environments.
    • Apply business between libraries and a service cooperation model.
    • Support integration/connection of branches and cooperation libraries.
    • Safe management, convenient maintenance & reinforcement.
  • Globalization

    • International data, service trade, compatibility guarantee.
    • Library data, follow the international standard of service.
    • Select the standard Unicode (UTF-8).
    • Select the international standard metadata (MARC XML, MODS, DC).
    • Follow the diverse international standard business policies (OAI, etc.).
    • Multilingual functions, support a service environment.
    • Support a multilingual service set by OS language.
    • User service function of the same service.
    • Words for a system management and an extension of message-table supports every language environments.
    • Basic-offering language: Korean, English.
  • Future-oriented system

    • Management in integrated all business into one environment.
    • Management in a perfectly integrated library automation system, an electronic resource management and a content management.
    • Flexible setting and optimization depends on a size or the environment of library.
    • "Form One Man Library To Grand Information Center"
    • Diverse collections for characterization of library contents.
    • Anywhere: any place where wire/wireless can be connected can do business and service.
    • AnyDevice : PC, Notebook, PDA, RFID, SmartPhone
    • AnyContents: any information can be searched or viewed by Meta, book, full-text, video, etc.
  • Characterized collection creation

    • 1. Select and collect the materials.
    • 2. Set up the service system and management.
    • 3. Definition of the metadata structure.
    • 4. Input and connect the media with the metadata.
    • 5. Registration service.
    • 6 A search service of integration and characterization.
    • 7. User.

Other Solution


A search system with NF-Sniper engine offers the fast and exact information receiving method through a diverse search interface. Also, it offers a detailed search about contents, an integrated search function of contents, a synonym search, a similar documents search, a category search, etc. help to approach contents easily.

  • Characteristics

    • Support UNICODE 4.0.
    • Support the Language locale.
    • Deal with the collection and automatic index of data.
    • Secure the security data (free, charge).
    • Offer a search engine tool.
    • A category search service followed by the content category system.
    • A simple keyword search function.
    • A multi search function.
    • A title (related words) search.
    • An additional function.


A SMS collection & a transmission solution which transfer to users by automatically collecting messages in the SMS center from university library & other institutions.

  • Characteristics.

    • LAS system optimization.

      Optimization of the library automation solution (TULIP, TG-XMLAS & TG-VintageLAS).
    • Including with monitoring a service function.

      Automatically reports by a two-way transmission checking function when a problem occurs.
    • Deal with SMS.

      Check the result of dealing with SMS by a solution or Web UI, a real transmission history can be checked.
    • Offer a diverse search service.

      A search function by user or service.
    • A transmission result check in real time.

      Guarantee a monitoring function by sending a transmission result in real time to each solution.
    • Integrated USER UI.

      Check the processing status and use details on a SMS administrator screen in real time.
    • Auto transmission.

      Automatically send SMS by collecting objects in the LAS system in real time.
    • A manual transmission.

      Send an individual SMS manually, able to send a registered sentence to registered users by using a group function.
    • A transmission history statistic.

      Report a daily or monthly transmission history statistic.
    • Cost.

      Calculate the monthly cost and the cost used until the present.
    • A web interface.

      Able to send a SMS manual transmission & a SMS group transmission by web.
    • Reinforce an error processing function.

      A SMS reprocessing function by errors.
    • A mass capacity function.

      Guarantee the safety and quality of mass capacity transmission by certificated method for preserving data.