A Global leader who leads an Information Technology.

Futurenuri will be a global leader
which leads Information Technology competing with all companies to be globalized.

  • Original Futurenuri CI logo
  • Horizontal Futurenuri CI logo
  • Mixed width Hangul Futurenuri CI logo
  • Blue : it means SKY and Future Vision of IT company
    which predicts future to act flexibly
  • Alphabet F : Symbolize the strongly flying Futurenuri
    to the future and world by shaping the wings of birds.

Circle means stage of world and space to compete with all companies to be a global leader of IT.

Among 天, 地, 人, 天’s ‘ㆍ’ is symbolized by Hun Min Jung Um(Eastern Philosophy) and blue circle has the meaning of SKY to predict and act flexibly to the future.

Among 天, 地, 人, 地, 人’s '_' , 'ㅣ' are symbolized by Hun Min Jung Um(Eastern Philosophy) and mean bird’s wings, so Futurenuri can go forward to the future with a stable mind for customers.

‘F’ means ‘Faith of customers’, ‘For all people’, ‘Fast Growth’, so Futurenuri can be a number one E-Business integrated solution company in the world.

“i” is among 天, 地, 人 which means Futurenuri’s business philosophy (BUSINESS FOR PEOPLE).