SI business

RISS consign management

Purpose and necessity

RISS consign management business is a project for developing safe management, maintenance, reinforcement of professional and a safe academic research information service about RISS of Korea education and the research information service, KOCW, dCollection, etc.

  • Support a research activity of RISS members with a stable business of Korea education and a research information service.
  • upgrade service for making a continuous growth foundation.
  • improve efficiency for essential role allocation.

Main business

  • Maintenance & reinforcement of RISS service.
  • Maintenance & reinforcement of dCollection service.
  • Maintenance & reinforcement of KOCW service.
  • Maintenance & reinforcement of Rinfo service.
  • Upgrade service (upgrading dCollection system, etc.).

Improvement of information system for Asia digital library project.


People can discover multi-language contents of a plentiful and diverse culture, and donate to the academic world with integrated and useful approaches about the cultural and scientific heritages on the internet, so it can highlight donation of Asia to the world’s civilized society, advertise and promote eastern culture.

Expected effects.

  • Standardization of metadata schema.

    Exchange the information of three countries based on basic 15 factors of ISO 15836 Dublin Core Metadata.
  • Standardization of the metadata schema.

    Able to approach the information by Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Long-term approach to the digital information.

    Developing research for permanent preservation of the digital information resource.

Digital collection management system of National Digital Library (NDL)

Business outline

  • Collection management efficiency improvement.
  • Expandability & interoperability secure.
  • Offer user convenience.
  • Set up the digital information resource framework.
  • Improve preservation and collect digital resource from integrated domestic/foreign institutions.

Expected effects

  • Common factors.

    • Apply the standard development method theory.
    • Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • Permanent preservation of digital works.

    • Completion of conceptual and physical structure about permanent preservation of digital works.
  • Standardization.

    • Standard development framework.
    • Set the consistent information framework.
    • Establish digital library standard TRM/SP.
  • Lead next generation of standard digital library.

    • Lead standardization of digital library by supplying results of setting up the world’s first physical and cyber-space digital library system.
    • Supply and lead the main factors of world’s digital library by supplying XTM (XML Topicmap), RDF/OWL engine development.
  • Construct the Integrated connection system.

    • Realize the linked protocol connectivity.
    • The entire process of integrated management system of new resources fits to the basic requirements of information resource.
  • Standardization.

    • Standard development framework.
    • Set up a consistent information system.
    • set up the digital library standard TRM/SP.

Other business

  • Set up the national knowledge informatization database business.
  • Maintenance & reinforcement of integrated system such as 2009 KOLAS, etc.

Academic research index(KCI) integrated system

Business outline

  • Suggest the academic research index fit to Korea by applying Kor-Factor.
  • Induce the standardization of academic work by field.
  • Offer the informatization system of research institute.
  • Set up the academic information collection & distribution system.
  • Set up the information-sharing system among foundation, institution and researcher.
  • Offer the convenient system for researchers and institutions.
  • Offer the One-Stop service integrated and connected with basic system.

Expected effects

  • Standardization & systematization of process of academic work.
  • Secure belief of information.
  • Prepare the foundation of institution/ laboratory.
  • Make the high-quality research information and secure diffusion system.
  • Improve convenience of researcher.
  • Improve reliability of related system in foundation.
  • Cost cutting.

Other business

  • Business of expanding supplying academic informatization system.
  • Business of setting digital database of academic journal.

Expansion of Congress digital library system

Business outline

  • Prepare the foundation for user convenience through connected module development for applying format conversion and a digital library database system followed by setting X-LIMS.
  • Enhance service with dualized digital library database and develop loan material reservation system at night open.
  • Offer convenience of information approach for users by enhancing web service upgrade, legislation information service and enhancement of web approach.
  • Support convenience of login method of the National Assembly members customized digital library(APOLO).

Expected effect

  • Obtain effectiveness/speediness of service by upgrading connection functions of full-text DB, bibliography and DB movement for digital library.
  • Prepare the basement of the Unicode support of digital library to offer the high-quality information service for domestic/international users.
  • Improve the system safety through DB dualization & reservation service of loan materials for visitors at night.
  • Expand the convenient information approach for information minority groups by upgrading web-accessibility.
  • Offer convenience of the digital library for members of the National Assembly by upgrading functions of the cyber bibliography.

Other business

  • Expansion of academic informatization system.
  • Set up academic journal digital database.

National research development outcome & management system

Business outline

  • Set up the unified management system for outcome by national research development.
  • Set up the support system of analyzing outcome by national research development.
  • Develop the system of checking outcome by national research development.
  • Set up the integrated outcome database.
  • Support the supporting system process of total periodic research development business.
  • Set up by stages and maintain outcome management system.

Expected effect

  • Technical side

    • Improve the number of workers and budgets effectively collecting outcome information in real time.
    • Examining the information such as patent, thesis by searching database & monitoring results.
    • Expand of R&D outcome information to improve the level of the national scientific technology knowledge, so it can help to find the fast and competitive research development assignments.
    • Reflect the characteristic evaluation of R&D supported by governmental institutions, support policy making by nationally integrated analysis.
  • Economical, industrial side.

    • Able to check the value of outcome from the national research development business by setting monitoring system of outcome management/status.
    • Assist to expand the outcome such as commercialization, followed-up study and technology transfer, etc. by interacting service with related outcomes, and possible to manage by business, subjects and research journals.

Other business

  • Innovative business of the national scientific technology information service.


Business list

  • Governmental integrated research management system (Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs).
  • UCI system upgrade business (National Computerization Agency).
  • Set up integrated portal system (Korea Securities and Futures Exchange).