Company Introduction

A Library Powerhouse in the World

IT Powerhouse KOREA

FUTURENURI is a professional solution company which has become more professional and offered a better service for customers over 20 years of experience about a library automation system, a digital library and a knowledge information system.

Developed the Library Automation System (TG-Vintage LAS) based on the WINDOW in 1994, the Integrated Digital Library System (TG-XMLAS&XMDL) based on XML in 2001, introduced Korea’s the first Integrated Digital Library System(TULIP) based X-Internet. Futurenuri’s technology has been proven by about 160 of many universities, public/private companies to make a better library service with libraries.

Now, Futurenuri will make “Korea” as a leader of IT and a library powerhouse in the world by setting up the knowledge information culture and constructing the library service infrastructure.

퓨쳐누리 안내표
Company Name Futurenuri, Inc.
Establishment July 26, 2007
President Choo, Jeong-Ho
Capital KRW 956 Million/ USD 956.000
Address Unit. 1102 Byuksan Digital Valley 9 Mullaedong-5-ga Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Telephone 070-7829-5300
Number of
100 people (Feb, 2017)
Business area Digital Library & Information Business, SI(System Integration) Business, Eduction Solution, Consulting & ISP. etc.
Products TULIP, ILUS, XMLAS, XMDL, NF SNIFER(SEARCH), SMS solution, Course Supporting system, Question-Bank System, LED products, etc.
INNO-BIZ(technology innovation company), venture company, Enterprise institute certificate