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    Triple U Library Information Portal

    TULIP is a universal digital library solution following the international standards. The reason why it has been used in a various kind of libraries regardless of counties, languages, etc. Additionally, this system is based on the web and qualified by a lot of libraries.

  • ILUS

    Integrated Library Utility to Supreme

    ILUS is digital library solution for the public / institution library based on the HTML5. This solution has been used for an integrated operation & research collection system.


    ILUS Cloud Service

    ILUS Cloud is a digital library solution for the small size library & institution that are not afford to have the complex infrastructures such as server, network, etc.

  • Question Bank(NeoTEST)

    NeoTest is a question bank system that has proved its reliability through operation of the largest item(question) management system in Korea.

  • IBT

    It provides a large-scale concurrent evaluation environment as an Internet Based Testing regardless of time and place.

  • CBT

    NeoTEST CBT, which monitors and controls all examinees from the center, creates a rigorous exam environment.

  • PBT

    NeoTEST PBT is specialized in PBT test which requires thorough security, due to Hangul-based question and test management function and stand-alone set question support.

  • NeoLMS

    NeoLMS supports all on / off-line training. Learners can learn through portal and classroom systems, and administrators can manage portals and classrooms in integrating

  • Blackboard

    Blackboard Learn™ is the world’s leading technology platform for delivering a rich education experience online, managing digital content and bringing together access to tools, and information through an integrated web-based learning environment.

  • Moodle

    NeoMoodle is a certified learning management system that systemizes installation and operation on the basis of the open source learning management system, Moodle, and optimizes user-centered U.I. to enable stable service.

  • ERMS

    ERM is an electronic material integrated management system. Through this solution, you can manage electronic journals, academic databases, e-books efficiently.

  • Decision Making Support System

    Decision Making Support system can support library staffs to make decisions related to a library operation. This solution can show a helpful visual data by collecting & analyzing the dispersed meaningful data of the library.

  • Recommending System

    Recommend System can help library users choose materials of library. This solution can recommend suitable materials by collecting & analyzing the big data of library DB.

  • Integrated Management Portal

    Integrated Management Portal is a new type library platform. It can show all library systems on a page. Library staffs can access the library systems easily and check the various kinds of statistics created by the system.

  • Reading Community

    Reading Community service is a special service for library users. Through this service, users can have a discussion, take a lecture, communicate with other users or the lecturers. On this site, users can experience various cultural events.

  • Mileage System

    Mileage system can collect mileages by tracking user activities in a library. The system is interlocked with many library facilities and systems. Based on the interlock, it can check the user’s access, reading habits, participations like reviews or tags, etc.

  • Mobile App

    Mobile App is a hybrid type application. Through this app, library users can use most of the library services by mobile devices such as a smart phone, tablet, etc.

  • Mobile Seat Management

    Mobile Seat Management is provided by mobile web or application types. Library user can reserve / use library seats and facilities by mobile devices such as a smart phone, tablet, etc.

  • NF-Sniper

    NF-Sniper is a search engine. The engine has a possibility to provide a stable and suitable search service for library users.

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